Project Results

In WP 1 we developed methodology for controlling finished weld profile to protect against rail surface damage to be applicable to rail fatigue failure from excessive bending stress.

Design and development of an automated aligning, forging and shearing unit has been carried out, resulting in the prototype ALFONS. The final module consists of a metallic, highly rigid supporting skeleton, a hydraulic for generating the necessary drive and pressing forces as well as a sensor system for controlling the process.

This module 1.0 has also been designed so that in addition to tests for welding, development tests can be performed. In this way it is possible to later amend the concept of the clamping cylinder to provide less clamping force, thereby reducing the number of clamping units and thus approaching more closely to a manageable final weight for in the field.

A revolutionary concept in orbital friction welding has moved from being a theoretical concept and into a large scale industrial machine, and one of the largest in Europe.

A validated model for heat generation in rail steel during friction welding that gives heat generation and friction coefficient during heating phase of friction welding, validated against experiments. Validated numerical model that calculates temperatures and stresses during all phases of aluminothermic welding such as preheating, tapping, forging, cooling, water spraying. 

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